Friday, January 25, 2008

IWKPL1515X: Value must be between 2/7/08 11:43 AM and 2/8/08 11:43 AM. (Expiry Date)

This is a WCM 6 exception. It happens when the author tries to save new content after the "Expiry date and Time field properties" were changed in the "Default Content Settings" in the Authoring Template.

Solution:IBM suggested the installation of

For more details, see:

IBM recommends 17 additional fixes that need to be applied before the expiry date issues is corrected:

PK54658, PK53869, PK53463, PK53575, PK53183, PK52815, PK52906, PK52802, PK53868, PK55366, PK55082, PK52688, PK51512, PK53899, PK52903, PK51892, PK55773, WCM, PK57002

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