Friday, January 25, 2008

Working with JSP elements on WCM 6

The JSP file must be stored under

If your JSP contains references to other files like Javascripts, images, style sheets, etc, do the following:

1- Store those files under the same folder as the JSP.
2- Refer them as /wps/wcm/<file_name>

For example, if you have an image called dot.gif, your code within the jsp should look like:
<img src="/wps/wcm/dot.gif"/>

In order to check if the files are in the correct place, you should be able to access the follow URL:


PS: You must copy your jsp to PortalServer/installedApps/WCM_Local_xxx.ear/xxx.war/jsp if your JSP component will be rendered in a Local Web Content Viewer portlet.

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